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DSDN is dedicated to bringing you the best choice in toiletries and hospitality products from around the world. Supplying and distributing hotel products direct to the hospitality venue providers and to distributors of hotel & resort amenities and soaps in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town surrounding areas as well as throughout South Africa. We strive to offer exceptional value through innovation, customer service and quality excellence.

We offers a variety of different options, from shampoos to soaps and much more, to fulfill many, if not all, of your hotel amenities and supply needs.

We currently have the below on sale:

v  Toothbrush

v  Shaver

v  Sewing kits

v  40ml Lotion

v  40 ml Shampoo

v  40grms Pleated Soap

v  30ml Lotion

v  30ml Hand Wash

v  30ml Shampoo

v  30ml Bath Gel

v  Shower Caps

v  Sanitary Bags

v  25grm Pleated Soap


Tea, Coffee, Sugar Sachets

12 thoughts on “New Arrivals

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